Mobile app

Apps: Smartphones Tablets Apple IOS Blackberry Android

Custom developed Software

ustom developed FLOSS software based on the client’s requirements System of Issuance of Deposit Slips for collection with Bar Code. Software development for online registration

Web and client/server apps

Development for Health Insurance moratorium System. Union payment fees for banks Database app for online prices. Intra Net software. Web and client/server apps for small business.

Management systems

Accounting management software with several modules: Accounting Bookkeeping Billing Salaries Production Supply Banking Orders SUGAR / CRM


Gestionnaire Libre de Parc Informatique (GLPI) is an Open Source tool for managing a whole company’s IT infrastructure through OCS Inventory It also allows event tracking to provide

Customer Queue Management Software

Customer Queue Management Software specially developed for banks, in compliance with official regulations.

Ads and product placement

System for rotating advertising on LED screens, with a centralized server and unifying the A / B / M of advertising in one place. Publication of different products, like live display of different currencies marketed by a bank